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Magmo - The Snap-On MagSafe Call Recorder

Magmo is a call recorder that magnetically attaches to the back of your smartphone. After attaching Magmo to the back of your phone, it allows the user to record any phone call by flipping the switch on the front of the device. To start recording, simply flip the switch up and to end the recording, flip the switch back down. The audio files then get automatically saved onto the device and the user is able to download the files onto their laptop. 


Magnetically Snaps-On With MagSafe

Magmo snaps onto the back of your iPhone via the magnetic ring on the back. For smartphones that do not support the magnetic feature, simply attach a magnetic ring onto the back of your phone. 

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Slide the button up to start recording and slide it back down to end.

Automatically Saved

Your file will automatically get saved, hassle free.


Internet Connection

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Extra Fees

Download the User Manual Now

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